Well, it has been a busy summer and end of the year. I have had several followup doctor visits. I was having pain in my shoulders and received cortizone shots in each and they have been fine since. I have a bone spurr in my right shoulder and the doc told me if the shot didn’t help, surgery was the next step. Six weeks in a sling and then rehab. It would be a year before I really got full use of it back. Not an option now for me. As long as the shots work, I’ll settle for that.

My aunt and uncle were sick in August and my brother went up there and spent several weeks with them until my uncle got out of the nursing home. They are doing much better now. I was up there in October to visit family and friends. I had a nice time but while I was up there I developed severe leg cramps and foot contractures. They are very painful. At my cardiology appointment the doctor changed  my lipitor to crestor. He said the cholesterol drugs can cause the cramps. It has been about 6 weeks and no cramps! My last card. appt. my pulse rate was up and he doubled my metroprolol med. Pulse rate is down. My next appt is the end of Jan.

I will be working the holiday, tomorrow though the following Friday. When you work at a hospital you expect these things.

Just a quick update. I will try to be better next year about writing. Take care all and have great holidays. Don’t forget to be thankful for what you have, alot of people have next to nothing. God bless.