Hi all. I’m sorry I didn’t post earlier than now. I left you all hanging! On the last post I had just found out that my transplant doctor refered me back to the coagulation specialist. After waiting weeks for an answer from them, they passed the buck! I was absolutely livid! All this time wasted when they knew they should have said that up front. Now I am worn out and so disgusted with the health system. I called my family doctor and scheduled an appointment with her, just to talk. So, I go to the appointment and just couldn’t stop talking about how I was being jerked around by everyone and no one wanted to take responsibility for taking me off the coumadin. I was sorry I had wasted her time, but was just giving up on this situation. Forget the heart stenting and just keep me comfortable…I wasn’t having anything else done. What was I paying theses doctors for? It was just too much stress trying to get all these medical things done. And, I was lucky I was in the medical field, to sort of know what was going on. She listened without interrupting me and when I was finished, said, I can’t promise you any results, but I will try and help this situation along……..

The next evening she called me with a plan!! She had talked to the interventional doctor and the coagulation doctor. The 3 of them came up with this plan. I was to have a D-Dimer test done. My family doctor knew what to look for in the results. If they were in a certain range, I could come off the coumadin and start the plavix for a month. At the end of the month, I would be retested for the D-Dimer. If it was still in a certain range and I had no unusual bleeding or problems with the plavix, I would be already for the heart stenting. You can not believe what a relief it felt like having a solution to the coumadin problem. I felt like finally someone was working with me, and not just taking money from my office visits!

Long story short, I called the cardiologist and told her I was off the coumadin, on the plavix and ready to go for the stenting. Now the problem arose that I was flying out to Nevada and California for 10 days on vacation, that had been planned last fall. Tickets were brought, arrangements made to meet my brother and sister in law out there. The doctor knew this all along. Not enough time to do stenting before vacation. So she tells me to call her when I get back. Well that would be end of May. So I hung up and started to think about it. Why not schedule it now? You don’t just call up and say you want the stenting done the next day.

So…I called the heart center myself, explained the whole thing and the nurse said she would get back to me in 2 days, if not call back. She was going to send the doctor an email. Well, about 3 hours later she called me back and said she had talked with the doctor and they had scheduled it for June 19th. I was to come in on the 18th for pre-op work. I called my brother and he made arrangements to come out and stay with me a week before the stenting and 2 weeks afterwards,

We went on vacation, Las Vegas, Virginia City, Carson City, San Fransisco, and back to their house in Simi Valley. Had a wonderful trip. Came back and got sick..pneumonia/bronchitis. For 3 weeks I was so sick and weak. I had 1 week left before the stenting and somehow rallied that week so I was able to it done.

They ended up putting 4 stents in, 1 in the LAD, 2 in the circumflex and 1 in the left main artery. They also had to use both femoral arteries, so had to go to ICU and stay overnight. I had 2 hematomas in the left groin and boy were they sore. I was black and blue all the way around the thigh and up part way on my lower abdomen on the left side. 

Next problem, they wanted to send me to the floor before discharging me the next day. It was protocol. No one went from ICU home. I said, watch me. They did release me the next morning, but we waited almost 5 hours for paperwork. I was really getting agitated. Finally we got the wheelchair and got out of there.

Next problem, I could not get discharged unless I had an appointment with the cardiologist who up to this point is not interested in helping me. (Forgot to mention that her office called me 1 month after my vacation, to schedule an appointment with me to set up the stenting. Told them I did it myself and was going the next day for it!!) So when I got home called and canceled the appointment. The next day the doctor calls and says she needs to see me as a follow-up  for the heart stenting. I calleed the office back and told them I was using my family doctor and interventional cardiologist. I no longer needed her services. The secretary from her office called me again a few days later and left a message the doctor wanted to see me. By now I was getting irritated. I called the office and spoke to the office manager. She wanted to know why I didn’t want to see the doctor. I told her I thought she had dropped the ball with the coumadin issue and I just had no faith in her that she was working on my side. She thanked me and I haven’t anything more from them. Thank God.

I went for my 1 week checkup since the stenting with my family doctor. I had lost weight and was feeling tired and no strength. She gave me another week off from work, and it must have been what I needed. I slowly started to regain my appetite and some stamina. Yesterday I followed up with the stenting doctor. He was pleased, but recommended I do cardiac rehab for 12 weeks , 3 times a week . Right now I’m trying to get that scheduled. I go back to stenting doctor in 3 months and return to family doctor on the 27th of this month. I believe I am in good hands now. Will try not to let so much time pass before I update again.