Hey all,

I bet you thought I won the lottery and took off to parts unknown! Well, I’m still here, just been busy with life. I was real sick with a sinus infection that developed into the beginnings of pneumonia. I haven’t been that sick since before the transplant. It took about a month to really get over it.

My brother and I went back home for our nephew’s wedding. It was very simple and very nice. The food was great and the weather cooperated. Got to see alot of friends from the fire department where I was a member of. The good news was that they will be having a baby girl in November. They have a name picked out, and I just can’t remember what it is.

I saw all four of my nephews and they are doing well. One nephew has the cutest kids, a girl and a boy, 6 and 3. Very polite and not afraid to talk to you. Another nephew is getting his doctrate in music and we were able to meet up with him in New Jersey.

It has been horrible down here with the heat, humidity and no rain. Lawns and crops burning up in the heat. The roadside farm stands are just as pricey as the grocery stores. I’ve only had sweet corn a couple times.

My brother had his MRI earlier this week. I’ll talk to him the weekend and maybe he’ll have some news.

Work is the same, busy and slow.

My checkup with the transplant doctor is August 11th. I’ll catch you again after that. Stay safe and cool.