Hey gang,

How have you been doing? I’m doing ay now. I had been terrible sick, sinus infection and the beginning of pneumonia. I have not felt that tired and terrible since before my transplant. Thank God, the antibiotic and cough medicine worked.

It has been very hot and humid down here. The lawn is starting to dry up already in spots. We have had a good half inch of rain in the past 4 days from thunderstorms in the evening.

A month from today is my nephews wedding. Looking forward to going to that. Hope it is not too hot and humid.

My brother is doing well. He says he feels well but, still has some neuropathy in his feet. l with time that will go away. He will be having his MRI in August and then hopefully, get the green light to get the port taken out. His last chemo was in December.

We have been busy at work. Hospitals are always busy.

I have a few tomato, pepper and squash plants. They have not gotten any blossoms yet. I never see any bees…I wonder how they get pollinated? I had a hill of cucumber plants, but my male cat decided to use it for his personal use. I really have no hopes of anything giving me any produce.

That’s about all for now. Just wanted to stay updated with you. Oh, my INR is finally 2.7!  Yippie!!