Hi folks,

How’s everyone doing? I’m doing ok. Went to that ballgame ans enjoyed it. We ate at a pub/restaurant nearby and also had hotdogs,sodas and popcorn at the game. Got my picture taken with the Bull mascot! I’m just a kid at heart!!

My brother is doing well. Enjoying his retirement. His plants are coming along ok. It has been hot out there.

I got my state and federal tax returns back and upgraded my electric in the back bedrooms and furnance/ac to a circuit breaker from an old fuse panel box. Lined up a guy to pump out septic tank, but when he came he  couldn’t  find where it was. I had several neighbors come over, as I thought maybe they might know as the houses were all built at the same time. No luck. Still waiting to see if the guy who originally built the house will contact me.

I cut alot of brush and some small dead trees and dead azealea bush around the house. My next door neighbor came and cut up the fallen tree from the neighbors property. I got that all cleaned up. I cleaned out the gutters and got the push mower and weed whip started. The pulling on the cord to start them bothers my shoulder, so I have to be careful and not overdo things.

I went to a wake for a former boss whos 18 year old son committed suicide. No reason, no indication anything was wrong. What a waste of a life.

My plants are doing well and I need to get the cukes and zuchini in the ground. I think I am going to leave the tomatoes and peppers in the single pots I have them in.

We have gotten quite a bit of rain the past couple weeks. Thank God we just had bad wind and rain a couple weeks ago when the tornadoes hit south of us. They said 30 tornadoes hit here in North Carolina. Very scary.

Guess that’s about all the news. Hope you all are enjoying the spring. The time is going so quickly. Take care.