Hi all! Good news from my brother. Colonoscopy report is normal. They did take 3 or 4 small polyps out but everything looks okay. He doesn’t have to have another one for 3 years. His MRI is set for July. He is feeling stronger every day. He still has some neuropathy in his feet and hands, but some improvement there. He has been working outside, so is enjoying that.

My appointment with the transplant doctor went well. He is very pleased, said I look good. Noticed that my hair seems to be filling in more now. We talked about weening me off the evoxac and prednisone. No more rinse for the dry mouth. That has been doing well..no dry mouth. I go back again in August. Will have the usual blood work and a chest xray. My INR was 2.2, so no change in the warfarin.

I’m going next Thursday to a Durham Bulls baseball game with a couple girls from where I work. Should be fun.

Hope all is well with everyone on here. Take care and catch you soon.