Well, just a couple updates. I had my GYN appointment and everything is fine. The doctor was able to do a painless pap smear and all was negative, including the HPV testing. She told me I was “normal” and the narrowing of the canal is from going into menopause so early and no sexual activity. It has nothing to do with the GVHD that I was led to believe from the family doctor and transplant doctor. I guess that is why everyone has a specialty. Anyway, don’t need to have another PAP for 3 years. Yea!!

My brother retired on March 29th. They had a nice potluck for him and lots of gift cards.

My brother had his colonoscopy on March 31st. Everything looks good, although they did remove 2 polyps. No news back on that testing. He will have an MRI later this spring and check things out. I am curious about the spots on the liver. They¬†also haven’t mentioned the chest xray, so I can only assume that it was ok.

He and I are flying back home in July to be at our nephews’ wedding. He is the son of our brother that passed in June 09. They are having it at home, so should be nice.

I didn’t get to Washington, DC last week to see the cherry blossoms. My furnance went out and I also had electrical problems with the fuse box. The panel for the furnace finally came in last Friday, and they put that on. It was nice to have heat again after 48 degrees in the house for almost a week.

The electrician came on Saturday and transfered the fuse panel to circuit breakers. Hopefully that will end any problems with the furnace and the air conditioner in the future. Expensive, but needed to be done. Now I have plumbing things to be fixed and am waiting for a call from a guy. Hope that won’t be too expensive. Septic tank needs to be flushed out and painting outside.

I got 12 trees from the Arbor Foundation and need to get them in the ground somewhere. They had to soak overnight. I’m going out to supper right after work, so may be able to get them in tonight. They are small, so won’t require alot of digging.

That’s all I can think of right now. Hope you are having a good week.