Gosh, where does the time go? I have so much to update. My brother finished up his chemotherapy in December. He had a scan and things looked good. Doctor wants to keep an eye on his liver. He will have another colonoscopy this month and probably around June or so another MRI.

He has started his retirement process and I believe he will retire the end of the month.

My colonoscopy went fine. The doctor took out 10 polyps, 4 or 5 were pre-cancerous and the others benign. Because of the history I have to have another colonoscopy in 3 years. My other brother had his colonoscopy done in January, and his was okay.

I had shingles in January. Luckily, we caught them in the early stages. I had such pain in my left leg, I thought I had a blood clot. Ended up going to the ER and had Doppler’s done on both legs and no clots found. The next day I was very sick to my stomach and made an appointment with my family Dr, When I got there I showed her some small clear pimples on my lower back and yes, you have shingles.I was out of work for 2 weeks.

This all happened in the middle of the physical therapy for my shoulder. I went to several appointments and did exercises. Right after the shingles I developed a very sore elbow. Hadn’t hit it that I know of. Woke up the next morning and my arm was blackĀ and blue and I had a big knot on the elbow. Things progressed and the swelling and bruising went from just above the elbow into the upper arm to my wrist. It looked so awful and hurt like the dickens. Went to see the orthopedic Dr about my shoulder and he drew some fluid out of the elbow. He said it was a ruptured bursa in the elbow and it had bled into the tissue, thus forming the terrible bruising down the arm. Cool compresses and wrap it with an ace bandage during the day. It is still terribly swollen. He said some times they do surgery and remove the bursa. If it becomes infected, it can lead to .

Work has been very busy and stressful. We are still training the new techs. A couple people have had the flu. I’m working a double now because the 2nd shift person is out sick.

Oh yeah, one more thing. I have an up coming appointment with a gynecologist at Duke to look in to this vaginal narrowing that is from the GVHD. When I had my PAP, the dr couldn’t really do it..she just used the brush and then couldn’t reach the cervix. This could be a real problem if the canal closes off, as my urine will have no way of getting out.

There is always something going on.

I have been able to get some raking done outside. The flower beds anyway. I can’t do alot of raking, as I get out of breath and have to rest. So any physical work takes a great deal of time.

So that the latest. Will update after the dr appointment on the 22nd. Take care.