Hi all. I hope everyone had a great Xmas holiday and a happy new year. My holidays were very low-key, just how I like them. Spent lots of time with the pets, playing and grooming them. They thoroughly enjoyed it.

My brother finished up his chemo the week after Xmas. The doctor wasn’t there at the clinic, but the nurse said she thought he’d probably follow up with a scan in about a month or so, that is what he usually does. So, let’s hope everything is gone and he is done until his next colonoscopy. Speaking of colonoscopies, mine is coming up, next Friday. Can’t say I’m looking forward to it, but I promised I’d have one done, so I’ll keep my promise.

I had a bad bleed in my left eye and a horrible bruise on my upper right arm, from shoulder to elbow. Not sure how that happened. I think I’d remember if I banged it. I think the bleed in the eye came from a sneeze or blowing my nose. I am off the warfarin for 10 days prior to the colonoscopy, so will have to build that level up again. That’s about all my news for now.

Oh, we did get 4 more techs from a hospital that just closed. Training everyone now, so hectic days. I am so tired when I get home. Catch you after the colonoscopy. Peanut