Hi all. Well, here we are again. I went to physical therapy today. The first visit, so we did an evaluation for range of motion, strength..stuff like that. I have never had any therapy, so this is all new to me. Very nice therapist. She spent a good hour with me, showed me some exercises to do daily. My shoulder is improved since the shot the dr.gave me. Not much pain at all, so I am able to move my arm more. I will go back on Jan. 3rd as she will be away. I will do the exercises till she comes back and see where we are.

Transplant check up went ok. CBC and chemistries good. The INR is 2.7, so that is good. Continue on present dosages for a month and then repeat INR. The only problem I have is they had to write a new prescription for me as the one I had wasn’t any good any more since I take more pills than was subscribed in the old order. The thing is they made it out for warfarin. Now the co-pay is $10 instead of $30 per month for coumadin, but I have been on warfarin before and they could not get the INR up into the therapeutic range, So, we’ll try it for a month, and if the INR is not staying up where it should, they’ll have to switch it back.

Now I have a secondary problem related to the GVHD. The canal that comes down from the bladder and urethra through the vaginal wall to the outside is narrowing. It has narrowed considerably since I had my last pap. The problem here is that if this keeps narrowing because of the GVHD, I will have a problem with urination..or lack there of. I have to go see a gynecologist. They usually treat this at first with topical hormone creams to soften up the tissue and prevent it from shrinking any more. If things progress they may have to do surgery. There is always something going on. My hands are in very bad shape with 4 finger tips cracked open with the GVHD also. Mouth seems to be doing well and not dry or red. My hands are red and swollen and they hurt. I keep the steroid cream they gave me on them, but darn I have to wash my hands a 100 times a day at work. Hard to keep lotion or anything on them for long.

My brother had his chemo last Friday. He has had 2 days of neupogen shots this week and will rest through the holidays. I think his last chemo treatment is on the 28th. I hope so. Maybe by nice weather, he will feel like his old self again.

I can’t believe Xmas is next weekend. I have been invited to a friends house for Xmas. I may just hang out at home and catch up on some rest. I’ve been working some doubles this week. Monday, today and tomorrow I worked extra shifts. The lady who works second shift, her husband is in the hospital. Hopefully he will come home the weekend. She was the lady I worked Thanksgiving for. Nice lady.

Okay, guess that’s all my news for now. If I don’t talk to you all before Christmas have happy abnd safe holidays. Take care.