Hi all,

What’s new? I’m sure everyone is all ready for Christmas, right? Ha-Ha. I have a small 3 foot tree up and decorated, candles in the windows, some other lights around the house. Outside is lit up. Boy, has it gotten cold here. Glad I put the lights and stuff up outside when it was still warm. It has been cold in the mornings, between 14 and 24 degrees. We had an inch of snow last Saturday. It was beautiful!

My brother is scheduled to have his 2nd to last treatment today. I hope his wbc and platelet count are up so he can get the chemo. Then one last treatment after Christmas and he is done. Thank the Lord. He’s still planning on retiring this coming year. Good for him.

I ended up going to see an orthopedic doctor for my right shoulder. Lots of pain and limited range of motion. It turns out I have a degenerative, partially torn rotor cuff, tendonitis and bursitis. I could tell something more was going on than just a pulled muscle. My upper arm was swollen and each morning I’d wake up and my whole hand would be swollen and I could hardly close it to make a fist. Underarm pain in armpit and top of shoulder on upper arm. He gave me an injection of corticosteroid and a pain/relaxer. Pain was worse the night of the injection, but much better the next day, just as he said. I start physical therapy next week. He wants to strengthen the deltoid muscle. He said 85% of the time the injection and therapy work. He does not want to do surgery, only as a last resort. Hopefully I won’t be in the 15% that this treatment does not work. I don’t want surgery either with my history of throwing clots. We just got the coumadin level regulated after 3 months.

Have my appointment with transplant doctor on Monday, so will update again. I don’t anticipate any thing changing. Have a great weekend and talk to you after the appointment and physical therapy.