I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving holiday. I offered to work the day(12hr shift) and 6a-12n on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for someone. Her husband is very sick and he almost died this summer. He has many medical problems which include diabetes and heart issues. Anyway, she brought me a big plate of leftovers on Friday. Boy they were good.

Weather has turned cold here. It was 24 degrees when I got up this morning. Frost on the windshield. It has been windy also. I have more leaves to gather, but it has been nasty and it gets dark so early now.

I’m having a problem with my right shoulder. Woke up yesterday in bad pain. It causes great pain to lift my arm up to put a shirt on and to try and use that arm to shift gears or work the radio, etc in the truck. Ended up after I got home from work taking a pain pill and putting the heating pad on the shoulder. Babied it all afternoon and evening. Feels better today so far, but still a pulling pain in the shoulder socket. Have to wait and see what happens with it. Someone said it may be the cold weather. Who knows?

My brother had his chemo the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. All went well. He’ll have 1 more before Xmas and one after Xmas, and that will end his treatment cycle. Then they will scan and see what is what. He said it has been cold out there also.

I see Dr. Long in about 2 weeks. Maybe I’ll go off more meds and then have a 6 month checkup or annual one. Prescription and health care co-pays are getting ridiculously high. I pay around $200 just in prescription co-pays each month.

Hope you all have a great time Xmas shopping and decorating. Will check back in after appointment with transplant doc in December. Take care and stay healthy.