Hello everyone,

Isn’t this fall weather been a gift? Yesterday was the second time I raked up leaves around the house and burnt them. It was such a beautiful day. The cat and dog were outside running around getting some much needed exercise.

Update on my brother is that he is doing pretty good. Had his 8th chemo round this past Wednesday. Hopefully his counts will stay up so he can get his chemo the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Then he will be back on schedule hopefully finishing up before Xmas.

I had my physical on Friday. Things good, preliminary mammo report ok and waiting for pap result. So that is all done, only thing left is the colonoscopy in Jan..can’t wait. Still trying to regulate the INR. I go tomorrow to have my INR checked again.

Work hasn’t been too busy. Expecting to get more patients and staff by the middle of December. I hope business picks up some.

I have been reading westerns lately. Found a series of books by Joseph A. West that are written based on the characters from the tv show “Gunsmoke”. Six books in all. I’m on my 3rd one now. They read quickly and are just fun.

Not much other news here. I don’t like the time change, but will eventually get used to it. I think maybe next weekend I’ll start dragging some of the lights and stuff down from storage to decorate outside. Especially if this nice weather continues I can get the lights up before it gets cold. I always wait too long and then it is so cold to try to get stuff up.

So, everyone have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Tell the people in your life that are special to you, that you love them. Remember life is short. Take care. Peanut