Hey all,

Well I am finally done vacationing. Good to be in my own home. Had good flights to Boston, got frisked at Philly airport. Flights all packed to the rafters.

Cooler weather in NYS and CT. Had a family get-together with almost 50 people. Good to see everyone. Trees still pretty there with yellows, golds, oranges and browns.

Traffic wasn’t bad driving down and back from Boston. My friend has a cute place. Nice and quiet. Of course made several stops at Dunkin Donuts on the drive down and back.

We went to Plymouth Rock one day. It was sunny and breezy, but not bad. Still lots of visitors. Saw several bus loads of Amish touring up there. The rock isn’t much to see, but can add that to my list of sights done. I had a great lunch up there of one of my favorites..scallops!!!! Yummy!!!

My INR is still low, was 1.6 this past Monday. Coumadin upped again. Have INR checked again this Monday. Have a mammo on Wednesday and see the doctor on Friday for a PAP and results of mammo. Just annual stuff, no problems. Colonoscopy scheduled for January. I had a birthday since I last wrote, the big 54. Not complaining, miracle I am here.

Raked up and burned some leaves earlier in the week. I have daffodil bulbs to plant yet. Hope it warms back up for an afternoon or two so I can get them in.

My brother is hanging in there with his chemo. He missed yesterdays chemo since his white count and platelet count were both low. Hopefully he can he it this coming Wednesday.

That’s it for now. Take care and stay healthy. I hope you all have gotten your flu shots.