Hey guys, whatz up? Halloween is just around the corner. Where did the year go? I do enjoy this cooler weather after all that hot and humid weather this summer.

Had a great time visiting my brother. Flights were good, no turbulance, no delays. Everyone friendly. Now that I have lost so much weight, seats more comfortable.

It was hot while I was visiting CA, but no humidity. What a blessing.  I got my pastrami sandwich and boy was it good. Met some of my brothers friends from where he works. A pleasure to meet them. I can see they keep an eye on my brother. Comforting to know.

Talked alot about when we were growing up. A very pleasant, fun and relaxing trip.

My INR is still low, so she upped the coumadin again. Will have it checked again Friday before I travel again. I will do anything so I don’t have to go back to the shots. Too expensive!

Happy Halloween to you all. Take care and stay safe.