Hi all,

Happy 33rd birthday to my oldest nephew and happy birthday to my Aunt. Fall is a wonderful time of year. We are finally getting much needed rain. Started here yesterday afternoon and is still raining lightly. I didn’t have time to check the rain gauge before leaving home this am. Rained through out the night. Much cooler also.

Well, I had my checkup with the transplant doctor last week. Good checkup. He decreased my prednisone to one every other day! I also got rid of Fluconazole and acyclovir!!! Hoooray!!! That darn fluconazole was making me nauseaous and throwing up every couple days. I have every little appetite. I weighed 123lbs, so he didn’t like the weight loss. So far, after 10 days, no change in the appetite. I’m sure it will come back. CBC, IGG level and chemistries were good. My iron level is low-36, so not sure what if anything they will do about that. That explains my tiredness and falling asleep in the recliner at night. I have tried the iron supplements, but they did not agree with my stomach. The daily vitamin I take now has some iron in it, so maybe that will eventually help.

My brother is doing fairly well. Still working and driving to work. Mostly a little tired and sort of an on and off scratchy throat. His appetite hasn’t been affected and he sleeps fairly well when he doesn’t have the fanny-pak chemo on.

I’ll be visiting him in October. Hope the flights and weather are good.

I’ll be going back to New York also next month. Still have the details to iron out..like buying the ticket, but think it will all work out. Hopefully I will get to see some friends from high school. It has been 36 years since I graduated high school. Doesn’t seem possible.

I just finished taking my last semester exams for my Paralegal associates degree. Hopefully I will pass and get my degree! I really want to take the Medical Billing and Coding classes, but will have to see how the finances are after all this vacationing!!

This past Friday I drove out to Mayberry Days in Mount Airy, NC.  About a 150 mile drive. I had a beautiful day. It was very interesting. The Andy Griffith show is 50 years old. Took lots of pictures. The leaves are starting to turn out that way..some dropping from being so dry.

Hope all is well with all my buddies who read this post. Pretty soon we will be turning back the clocks. I think the beginning of November. Then we all have to fool around with our clocks in the cars to figure out how to set them back..I do anyway. 🙂 Have a great week and will catch you soon.